How to apply for university or college

Eric 加中安徽青年发展基金会 2022-07-30 09:38 发表于加拿大

           After entering high school, it is recommended to start preparing for college applications. For students who want to apply for prestigious schools, the latest preparation time should not be later than grade 11 (that is, the corresponding high school in China). The major courses required by each major will be different, and it is necessary to determine the course planning and activity arrangement according to the target major as early as possible. Relevant majors with work requirements need to plan in advance the works that need to be provided. If you wait until the Year 12 application is open to start preparation, there may be a mismatch between courses, activities and work preparations, etc., which may lead to delays in admissions.


         For students graduating from ordinary high schools in China, IELTS is a must. Most schools require an IELTS score of 6.5 overall, with no individual item lower than 6. If the applicant is in high school in Canada, but the duration is less than four years, the University of Toronto and UBC need to provide additional IELTS scores. If the applicant starts studying in Canada in the ninth grade and has completed four full-time studies in Canada, there is a chance that no additional IELTS scores will be provided. If you come to Canada late or less than 4 years, you need IELTS . Personally recommend Score 7 for most of universities courses.


        Volunteering is not only a necessary part of applying for a university, but also a prerequisite for students to graduate from high school. This is different from China's test-oriented education. North American universities attach great importance to the all-round development of children. Students with excellent grades are not necessarily more likely to be admitted than students with rich activities. It is very helpful to apply for universities to develop your specialties, enrich your extracurricular life, and increase your social experience according to your personal interests.


        Volunteers can make targeted arrangements according to the major they want to apply for. While improving their grades, they can participate in various activities inside and outside the school to improve their competitiveness. Here, everyone should not be limited to volunteering or participating in competitions, participating in targeted summer camps and winter camps, and mastering a musical instrument proficiently. These are all bonus points. For example, some students may have shown some special artistic expertise since childhood. , these are very helpful for the application. Hours should be more than 40 and 100+ is a good range.


       The full name of OUAC is Ontario University Application Centre, which is a hub connecting high schools, students and Ontario universities. Students choose their favorite universities and majors through OUAC. OUAC is responsible for forwarding student information October every year, students will receive OUAC's personal initial password letter from their high school.


       Students can activate the account on the OUAC official website according to the instructions in the password letter. After the account is activated, student information, such as grades 11 and 12, will be automatically imported into the OUAC account.


       Students can add the universities and majors they want to apply for in their OUAC account. Students can choose any number of Ontario's 21 universities, but each university is usually limited to a maximum of 3 majors.


      After deciding which university and major you want to apply for, submit your application and pay the fee. The fee is charged according to the number of majors applied for. The first three majors are $150 CAD, and international students need to pay an additional $10 CAD international student service fee. If you apply for more than 3 majors, you will pay an additional $50 for each additional major you apply for.


       After successful payment, students will immediately receive an OUAC number starting with 2022. If a student has applied for a Canadian university outside Ontario, such as McGill University, the OUAC number can be provided to the university so that the university can retrieve the student's high school grades from OUAC.


       After the target applying university receives the student's application through the OUAC system, it will send an email to the student to notify the initial user name and password of the university to apply for, and instruct the student how to activate the account on the university's application website and reset the user name and password.


      Submit the relevant application materials before the application deadline in accordance with the requirements of the university application account.ion, volunteers, and high school scores to the corresponding universities.