2021 “CCAYDF” Scholarship Program Eligibility and Assessment Process

2021 CCAYDF” Scholarship Program Eligibility and Assessment Process


The “CCAYDF” Scholarship, established and funded by Anhui entrepreneurs in Canada, is a merit-basedscholarship, aiming to encourage Canadian international students to achieve excellence in their (undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD) studies. 

I. Eligibility: 


The applicants must be international students (undergraduate college students, graduate students and PhD students) in Canada in 2021, including prospective graduates of this year.

II. Application Timeline: 


1. Deadline for submitting application: September 30, 2021; 

2. Deadline for submitting transcripts: November 11, 2021.


III.  Evaluating Process


1. Scholarship Evaluating panel members will compile a preliminary list of eligible applicants based on the following criteria:  

1.1 Applicants should be undergraduate or graduate students registered as a full-time student (including students who graduate in the year of 2021): 

1.2 The applicant must have a minimum grade of 75 (B+) average, as well as a minimum grade of 70 (B-) for each course for the most recent two semesters.

1.3 For an applicant who is in the first year of his or her undergraduate program in 2021 Fall, the applicant may submit the transcripts for grade 12 in high school, with a minimum grade of 85 average. 

2. Applicants will be categorized as the following four groups:

II.1 Current PhD Students: including PhD students and students still in a school after obtain their PhD degree.

2.2 Current Postgraduate Students studying in a school

2.3 Current Undergraduate Students, including students graduate in 2021

2.4 First-year Students, if the applicants in the group have no university gradesthey may only apply to Participation Award

3. Award in each category:

3.1PhD Students: 5 scholarships each at $3,000.00;

3.2Postgraduate Students: 10 recipients each at $3,000.00;

3.3Undergraduate Students: 30 recipients each at $1,000.00 to $1,500.00;

3.4First-year Students: 5 recipients each $200.00.

4. Deadlines for evaluation and award:

4.1 The evaluation process will end before November 20, 2021. Results will be released by December 1, 2021, posted on our official WeChat account, as well as our website, and will send mailsto the award winning students. 

4.2 Awarded students may go to our designated location to pick up certificates and awards with a valid student ID.

4.3 Students who are unable to pick up the certificates in person should provide us by mail with the mailing address and the preferred method of payment.

5. Other

5.1 All the scholarship recipients for the year of 2021 will be automatically registered as prospective applicants for next year’s scholarship program. 

5.2 A networking event has been scheduled for December 11, 2021, with the purpose of connecting and encouraging the communication between all scholarship applicants. Please kindly confirm your attendance by replying to the email.

5.3 We are on the way of building our WeChat official account into a resource and experience sharing platform that benefits all the international students in Canada. Any idea or thought is warmly welcomed. 

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