Canada China Anhui Youth Development Fund Bursary Project

The Purpose of the Bursary: provide financial support for students from Anhui, China, who are facing unanticipated financial difficulties as they are completing their studies.


Application Requirements:

1. Applicants may apply at any time during the calendar year. The bursary will be paid one-time in a calendar year.

2. Applicants must be enrolled full-time university (or graduate school) students, and they seek a one-time financial assistance because they have the financial hardships due to unanticipated events.

3. Applicants must submit relevant documents with their application. The Bursarys judging committee will evaluate the application. The amount given is determined by the need and subject to the availability of the funds. The bursary ranges from CAD 2000 to CAD 5000.

4. Third party who is related to an applicant and knows the financial difficulties of the applicant may apply on behalf of the applicant. The name of the final awarded students will not be publicly disclosed for privacy reasons. Any submitted information will remain confidential and can only be accessed by the relevant staff of the bursary project.


How to Apply:

Contact information:

Contact: Yangui Han, Lilin Ye



Canada China Anhui Youth Development Fund

December, 31, 2021