Evaluation Details of 2020 CCAYDF Scholarship Award Program

 The " Canada China Anhui Youth Development Foundation " is a non -profitable fund established by Anhui entrepreneurs in Canada for international students (undergraduate or above) in Canada to encourage students to study hard.

Eligible applicants: International students (college students, graduate students and doctoral students) in Canada in calendar year of 2020, including graduates of this year.

Registration time: The deadline for registration is September 30, 2020

Evaluation Details:

  1. The review team conducts a preliminary qualification review of all participants and selects students who meet the application conditions:

1.1 The applicants must be a full-time undergraduate student (including 2020 graduates)

1.2 The applicants must provide transcripts of the most recent 2 semesters of full-time study.   The markers in one semester with higher averaged markers will be used in the evaluation.  Single subject marker should be 65 (C+) or higher, and the averages markers should be 75 (B+) or higher.

1.3 If the student is a freshman this year, grade 12 markers may be provided, and the averaged marker must be 85 or higher

  1. Corresponding to the applicants of this year, the applicants will be divided into three categories in the evaluation process:

2.1 Postgraduate group: it includes graduate students in schools.

2.2 Undergraduate group: current undergraduates include graduates of this year

2.3 Freshman: If applicants don't have a college marker, they will be only rewarded participation award. If the markers are provided before our evaluation end deadline, December 1, each subject marker must be 85 (A) or higher to be included in the scholarship evaluation.

  1. Award in each category:

3.1 Graduate group: 10 winners and $3000 each winner.

3.2 Undergraduate group: 20 winners, $1000 each winner.

3.3 Freshman: 10 participating awards, $200 each.

  1. Deadline for evaluation and award issuing

4.1 The deadline for evaluation is December 1, and we will formally notify the winners by email within 3 days. At the same time, we will also announce our evaluation results on our official website of the foundation and the association official social media accounts.

4.2 Winners may go to our designated location to pick up certificates of award and checks with valid student IDs and take photos.

4.3 If a winner is unable to pick award at the location in person, please take a photo with a valid student ID and the check we prepared for you. We may also e-transfer the award to you

4.4 According to the COVID-19 epidemic situation, we will hold a small salon from December 1st to 15th to give the winners an opportunity to know and communicate with each other

  1. Other

5.1 The association hopes that all the winners of this program can actively participate in our essay for awarding activity. For details of the activity, please refer to the relevant information on the foundation website or foundation social media account.

5.2 The selected articles will be published on our official social media accounts, and  what winners learned and their experience will help students in need.

5.3 After the end of this year's award programes, all participants will be automatically kept on file and continue to participate in the scholarship application for the coming year.



            Canada China Anhui Youth Development Foundation