soliciting articles with award

soliciting articles with award

The Canada China Anhui Youth Development Fund


The Canada China Anhui Youth Development Fund is now soliciting articles with award!


The Canada China Anhui Youth Development Fund aims to help Chinese youth study, live and work in Canada, and promote the exchanges and mutual assistance of Canadian Chinese youths.


Starting from today, we are soliciting articles with award to encourage established people from all sections to share their valuable experience of studying, living and working in Canada with young people.


The details of the event are below:


Topic of the articles

Canadian study experience (learning resources, majors in schools, how to apply schools, strategies to pass different examinations, etc.), Canadian job seeking experience (job search experience, Canadian workplace perception, resources for job search, license test guides, etc.), Canadian study life experience (Canadian policies and rules, school application, selecting professional/major, food, clothing, housing, and transportation, etc.) The article can contain multiple topics.


Article requirements

▪ No less than 600 words

▪ It must be original by the authors, real experiences, and can be a guideline for readers. Those articles with unique insights are preferred.

▪ Clear logical structure, fluent sentences and attractive.

▪ Priority will be given to those with both high-quality pictures/ figures and texts. Internet links can be in the articles if needed, but no advertisements of any forms are allowed.

▪ Don't make multiple submissions of one draft. For all nonoriginal contents indicate their sources.

▪ If an article is selected for the reward, the authors should cooperate with editors and allow the improvement of the article by editors if there is an obvious need to modify some parts of

the article.

▪ Canada China Anhui Youth Development Fund reserves the right to modify the articles, including but not limited to pictures, text, and layout.

▪ The copyright of the award-winning article belongs to the Canada China Anhui Youth Development Funds. The Fund has the right to promote the article in public.

▪ Canada Anhui Youth Development Fund reserves the right of final interpretation of the rules in the event.



▪ First prize: CAD$800 (3 people) with a certificate of the Canada China Anhui Youth Development Fund. The authors will be invited as guests to participate in the annual scholarship award ceremony of the Canada China Anhui Youth Development Fund.

▪ Excellence Award: CAD$50. An article will be awarded once it fulfills the above Article Requirements.

▪ The most popular prize: CAD$500. This prize is calculated and evaluated by weights based on the number of likes.


Submission method

All participants are requested to send articles (word documents) to


Document and email name format: (own name) + article name Event time


The event will officially start to receive article submissions on September 26, 2020, Toronto time. For the first round of awards, the submission deadline is on December 31, 2020. All articles will be evaluated by experts and the foundation committee, and the first prize winners will be announced in January 2021.

All updates of this event will be published in real time on the public Wichat account of the Canada China Anhui Youth Development Fund.


If you have any questions, please email to