Scholarship Program 2020

Scholarship Program 2020

Canada China Anhui Youth Development Fund


"Canada China Youth Fund"Scholarship Program 2020 Co-sponsored by the Hefei Friendship Association in Canada and Kingdom Development Inc., jointly, organized by the Canada China Anhui Youth Development Foundation, the 2020 application to the funds of Canada China Anhui Youth Development Fund is now fully opened!

The purpose of the foundation: encourage international students in Canada to study hard to become important members of society; support international students in Canada with sudden difficulties to complete their studies; support promising young people to start their own businesses.

The funds include scholarships, assistantship and entrepreneurial funds to help Chinese youths in Canada!

All eligible young people are welcome to apply to the funds.


"Canada China Youth Fund" Scholarship awarding criteria


The "Canada China Youth Fund" was established by Anhui entrepreneurs in Canada for selected international students (undergraduate or graduate students) in Canada to encourage students to achieve outstanding results in their studies.


Eligible applicants: International students (undergraduate college students, graduate students and doctoral students) in Canada in 2020, including perspective graduates of this year.


Application timeline:

The deadline for application is September 30, 2020


Selection timeline:

The decision on the recipients of the scholarship will be made on December 1, 2020. The award ceremony will be hold before December 31 (to be determined according to the development of

the epidemic).


Recipients selection process:

The Selection Committee will do a preliminary qualification review of all participants and complete a list of students who meet the application conditions. The Selection Committee consists of education experts, managers of Canada China Anhui Youth Development Fund, Kingdom Development inc, Canada Hefei Friendship Association in Canada, and youth branch of Canada Hefei Friendship Association in Canada.


All those who have been qualified in the first review process will be evaluated in groups, and reward schemes will be proposed. The grouping method can be based on schools, subjects or grades. The range of the Scholarship fund amount will be based on the funds raised during the selection process. The amount of the scholarship can be in the range of 1000-5000 Canadian dollars.

All qualified applicants will have the opportunity to receive the Scholarship with different amounts.

The above selection process is just a guideline, and the remaining detailed rules for the selection will be released after the application process.